5 Online Travel Agents (OTAs) to Increase Bookings

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5 Online Travel Agents (OTAs) to Increase Your Bookings

Maximising demand for accommodation is a critical component of revenue management and long-term success for hotels. This is where Online Travel Agents (OTAs) come in. However, hotel managers and marketers need to put in lots of work to get the most from OTAs. They provide a convenient way for clients to compare hotels, and book accommodation over the internet anywhere, anytime. This article will discuss OTAs, and the top online travel agents to turn to when you want to increase your hotel bookings.

What is an OTA?

An online travel agency is an online service or website that sells travel-related services to customers. These services may include flight bookings, travel packages, hotel bookings, and other activities such as car rental services. OTAs are usually third parties, reselling services on behalf of other services providers, including those in the airline and hotel industries.best online travel agency list can be found on our main page!

Unlike booking flights and hotels directly, OTAs offer many benefits. For instance, you can book everything using one platform/website, which is convenient for the customer. Imagine an offline travel agency, but now with an online platform that includes a built-in booking system that allows instant booking.

Why are OTAs Important?

Online travel agencies are essential for hotels, because they serve as a marketing and distribution channel. Many potential customers turn to OTAs when searching for hotel deals, because online booking agents are like a ‘one-stop-shop’ where clients can browse different hotels, read reviews and make price comparisons.

Since OTAs act as a bridge between potential clients and service providers, they earn a commission. The commission can range from 10-25%, depending on agreement and service provider ratings. As a hotel owner, an OTA will help you sell rooms at a commission, and it is a win-win for both businesses. But what are the most trusted OTAs in the market today?

5 Online Travel Agents That Will Increase Bookings for Your Hotelnline Travel Agents UK That Will Increase Bookings for Your Hotel

Top 5 Online Travel Agents UK (OTAs) to Increase Bookings


This is an online travel agents uk that connects travelers with discounted hotels, apartments, and villas worldwide. The website is easy to use, and prospective clients can place/cancel hotel reservations through the website instead of engaging with the hotel directly. Booking.com is a recognized brand worldwide, and has a good reputation in the industry. Many hotels have partnered with Booking.com for their fair commission structure that starts from just 12%. You are sure to increase your bookings by working with them.

  • Expedia Group

Expedia is an online travel agents booking service founded by Microsoft in 2001. It is among the top renowned online travel agencies in the world, and helps people find and schedule travel services. From car rental, flights, and accommodation, prospective clients can find their match on the website. Expedia puts lots of emphasis on marketing affordable accommodation, which allows it to attract a huge following. If you’re a hotel owner, expect to part with 15% commissions for bookings. The charges are worth considering their marketing techniques and their customer base.

Priceline Group is a subsidiary of Booking.com, but the website focuses on discounted travel. This travel agency helps travelers find the best travel deals offered by other market players in the travel niche, including airlines, hotels, and cruise lines. The travel company allows users to create their custom vacation packages by combining different services according to their needs.

Priceline Group facilitates the provision of travel services from its suppliers to its customers. What makes Priceline Group even better is providing a Name Your Own Price option where customers can set a price, and then the website will match them with the ideal hotel or price. By enlisting your hotel on the website, you’re sure to benefit from the many clients seeking affordable deals.

This is a fast-growing top online booking travel agent and part of Booking Holdings, the parent company behind Booking.com. Agoda offers prospective clients a choice of over 1 million hotels and holiday homes, emphasising the Asian Market. However, today Agoda is focusing on America and Europe as well. The company aims to connect customers with cheap or discounted hotels. They have been successful in this, and you should consider listing your hotel/accommodation with them.

TUI has always been a firm family favourite for holiday and flights abroad to some exotic destinations right across the world. It is currently the largest leisure, travel and tourism company in existence, and enables travelers to unleash every holiday’s full potential. Some of the deals on offer via TUI are very competitive, since they own 5 airlines, and are able to package flights with accommodation. Such is their reach and reputation, we would certainly recommend partnering with TUI to unleash your full booking potential. Our top online travel agent!



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