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Saga Holidays is a part of the British company, Saga, that was established in 1951. While Saga is headquartered in the United Kingdom, it’s expansion to the holidaying arena meant the birth of this top travel agent. Since then, it has made itself a household name among over 50s in coastal regions by adding vacation prospects to its services offered like a feather in its cap.

This travel company offers tours and excursions to 6 continents of the world, surpassing geographical boundaries to create pure magic in the travelers’ journey. From historical regions to wildlife sanctuaries, oceanic cruises and beyond, there is something for the likes of everyone with this top travel agency.

Single, married, with kids, or retired, visit mesmerising locations in the world with Saga, and enjoy an experience worth cherishing for the years to come.

Why book your Holiday with Saga Holidays UK?

When writing the travel agency review, the desire of every category of individuals was considered, and surprisingly, Saga Holidays UK stunned in each list.

By booking your next traveling tour with this top travel agent, you will have the opportunity to enjoy:

  • Seamless Transport

The sky-high fares of airport cabs and taxis are always a major burden to bear on a holiday. With this travel company however, you can enjoy unlimited mileage on your river cruises and long-haul vacations. This means no fear of fares anymore!

  • Guaranteed Protection

With ABTA & ATOL protection, you can travel with ease and peace of mind.

  • Consumer-Friendly Pricing

While the Saga Holidays 2022 packages are already accommodative for each budget, they go above and beyond for their consumers. If the prices are reduced post-booking, you can claim the difference and they will be more than happy to oblige. If this doesn’t make them top travel agents – what will?

Book your tours, and in case of any questions, feel free to reach out to Saga Holidays guaranteeing round-the-clock accessibility.

What Holidays does Saga Holidays UK 2023 offer?

Trust this Saga Holidays review when it states that the choice and diversity of holidays offered by this top travel agent are immense!

Here is a glimpse of what you can choose among:

  • Saga All-Inclusive Holidays

Designed to make the holidaying experience for those over 50, easy, seamless, and cost-effective, the saga all inclusive holidays packages by Saga Holidays are a treat for travelers.
Taking care of lodging, food, drinks, and a host of other services, sometimes including recreational activities too, Saga Holidays UK offers transparent pricing and wholesome packages for a holiday exclaiming fun. Wander through Costa Rica, lodge near the islands of Greece, or explore the jewels of Croatia and beyond; this top travel agent offers many options with no hidden costs!

  • Ocean Cruise Holidays

Saga Holidays for over 60s who posses the love for water and wish to go cruising, Saga Cruises makes it easy to go on a water excursion with its ocean-cruise holidays.
Setting sail from the ports of Dover and Southampton, the ships are small and comfortable, limiting capacity to 999 guests so that each traveler can be attended fully and taken care of. With exquisite restaurants, delicious cuisine options, a multitude of entertainment options like theatre, and peaceful outdoor seating – the cruises are bound to leave you refreshed.

  • Singles Holidays

Having traveled all your life with family and/or friends, sometimes, one wishes for a little me time. Let this review tell you that this top travel agent lets you enjoy all that me-time with a singles holiday! Feel the independence as you tour the Duoro Valley in Portugal or invoke your inner nature-lover for an excursion through the wilderness of South Africa. Choose an escorted tour or book a river cruise, the options are immense and the opportunity to go solo makes them all worthwhile.

Reforming your travel arrangements keeping in mind current scenarios (COVID-19), this top travel agent has its travelers as its top priority – always.

ABTA & ATOL Protection

When going on a holiday, the last thing you need are security concerns on your mind. Fortunately, with Saga Holidays protection policies, the holiday becomes a relaxing experience where you travel by leaving all of your worries behind.

Here’s how this top travel agent has you covered:

  • ATOL Protection

The packages with this top travel agent are protected by the Air Travel Organizer’s License (ATOL), license number 0308. Once you book and pay for your package, you will be given an ATOL protection certificate. This ensures you are financially protected on your vacation. For example, if you lose your money on your holiday or are stranded abroad, the ATOL protection gives you coverage and makes sure you are able to fly back home safely.

  • ABTA

With membership numbers W8164 and W8179, your tours and cruises at Saga Holidays are covered with ABTA protection. This protects you in case of any unforeseen circumstances with your travel operator, ensuring you are entitled to a refund.

Unlike most tour operators that only have a few packages offering such protection; the travel agency prioritises visitor safety over all else. Therefore, all holiday packages at this top travel agent are reassured, and ATOL and ABTA protected.

Payment Methods

A traveler requires budget-friendly travel packages and ease of payment, and Saga Holidays UK becomes a top travel agent by providing both.

  1. Make a small deposit payment initially – The amount depends on the type of holiday. For example, long-haul holidays have a 10% cost deposit.
  2. Choose your payment method: Online, Cheque, or Debit/Credit Card – Log onto “Manage Your Booking” and make your payment in the method most convenient to you. While cheques have a £3 charge, travelers can easily pay online or through debit and credit card.
  3. Pay in whole or instalments – Prioritising your convenience, Saga Holidays UK gives the option of paying in instalments after your deposit. If you have a voucher, you can use that too.

At this top travel agent, paying for your holiday package is as easy as it comes.


Do other Saga Holidays Reviews compare to Top 10 Travel Agent Reviews?

With there being two kinds of travel agent reviews that one can come across online – an expert travel agent reviews and the more traditional customer travel agent reviews.

  • The expert travel agent reviews will usually provide you with an unbiased evaluation of an UK agency and will highlight its pros and cons.
  • A customer review, on the other hand, will offer a more subjective view of an OTA website. It will be sharing personal experience and will most likely focus on a certain feature that wasn’t that good.




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